Another Month | Another Day | Another Opportunity 

I just looked up and realized that today was the first day of the eight month! We are two stepping into the last months of the year, but what does that mean? 

Well it means that we need to get our lives together! All those resolutions that we enthusiastically made seven months ago must not go untouched. I am a firm believer of making every chance, a second chance. We can’t wait for tomorrow or for next week to come before we finally decide to get up off our butts and make something happen.

We can’t wait for “situations to change” before deciding to take the next step. 

Life is what we make it so why not make it something beautiful? Why not work now for what we want to have in the future? Why not begin to lay down the foundations today for the powerful empires that we dream of owning tomorrow? I don’t know about you but I simply refuse to let my today be waisted. There are people who were here yesterday but sadly are no longer here today, so whose tomorrow is even promised?

God has given me breath, a second chance to accept his will so I’m definitely going to. I’m going to sit down and make delicious lemonade everytime life wants to kindly give me a bitter lemon, and I’m going to look cute doing it😊

What will you do today?