Cakes x CHEECH 

Who doesn’t love a delicious cake???  Who doesn’t want to stand out on their special day? Well for all those who do, there’s a young new baker in town that’s shaking up the game here in Houston! 

Raychelle Otiocha is among the new, up and coming, entrepreneurs in Houston! Growing up, this young Nigerian professional found herself around the pastry industry since her mom owned a cake company of her own. Since most of her days were spent helping bake and decorate delicious delicacies for their clientele, her love for this line of work hardly came as a surprise.

However, after coming to terms with her passion for baking during her senior year of high school, the original plan to be a pharmacist quickly changed as she started on her path towards culinary school. Now by God’s grace, she proudly works as a full-time Pastry Chef & Cake Decorator.

When asked what motivates her, she answered, ” I  strive to just be better, because I know God has a bigger plan for me.”  

With fire in her heart and frosting on her hands,  don’t be surprised when you see Raychelle’s yummy pastries at a bakery near you!😉

Some of her recent work: 

Networking Event Cakes

Just Because Cakes 

Baby Shower Cakes

Social Media Cakes

Cool Themed Costume Party Cakes

Birthday Party Cakes

It does not take a genius to see that this young lady is bound for success. Her wonderful customer service and beautiful works of art are rapidly winning over the hearts of many Houstonians. With graduation parties, weddings and baby showers on the horizon, I strongly encourage you to book Cakes x CHEECH now for all your pastry needs. 

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Disclaimer: The cream and gold floral “Cakes X CHEECH” cake was made for yours truly and it was absolutely delicious!!!