I’m by no means an expert in emergency preparedness or anything like that, but having grown up in Houston has me pretty confident when I say you have to be ready for anything. Hurricane Rita and Hurricanre Ike proved how ill prepared and nonchalant we Houstonians can be in regards to the weather. But this year i’m making sure that my family AND YOURS will be ready for the worse by at least having the simple essentials needed to survive a storm ahead of time!


The most basic thing I can think of off the top of my head is a functional flashlight. And next would be a portable radio with extra batteries. Both items can be used to help you move around and be more aware of your surroundings in the absence of electricity. You might also need a whistle of some sort to alert a passing rescue team in a dire circumstances.

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Another essential item is water. Most stores tend to run out of water during emergencies so it would be great to have your own personal stock somewhere in your house, ready to go.

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Just pick your favorite brand and buy plenty of it. There should be enough to last a few days (or up to a week) for each member of your family. Store it somewhere it will be safe and easily accessible.

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Along with water, you’ ll also need a pretty hefty supply of food.  Having non perishable items will determine how comfortable you are as you try to ride out the storm. Some emergency snacks include: beef jerky, instant oatmeal, hot chocolate, fruit/pudding cups, energy/cereal bars, fruit snacks and peanut butter/cheese sandwich crackers. Along with those items you could also add: can and powdered soup or cans of ravioli, it’s completely up to you!


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Now for clothes, you’ll need the basics such as undergarments for men and women, a few tops, comfortable pants (pick jeans over leggings or sweats), something to keep you warm like a jacket or sweater, socks and shoes that cover your feet. Than put them in clear bags or an easily movable weather proof luggage in the same location as your emergency water.  Also make sure you have you’ve packed a zip lock bag of travel size toiletries to make sure you remain sanitary during this time!!! Just include the basic necessities that will ensure you look, better yet, SMELL DECENT!


A fully stocked first aid kit and medication pouch will definitely come in handy in case of an emergency. A weather emergency is already bad, you don’t want an injury or medical need to make things worse.

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But you’re not done yet. You’ll need a way of contact to the outside world. Make sure there is at least one working cell phone present in the house along with the appropriate wall charger, car charger and a FULLY CHARGED portable battery pack. Having different ways to charge your phone is great because you’ll be able to make sure your phone is fully functional regardless of the situation.

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And last BUT NOT LEAST, whether you’re told to stay put or move, having all important documents and emergency cash is important to have at your disposal. You might not have access to an atm or a machine that takes debit/credit cards so having cash is the safest way to go. You also probably won’t have copies of your important documents outside your house so having them in a transparent, water proof pouch will definitely ensure their safety during this time.

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I hope this post helps to lessen the stress of being prepared for any disaster. It really doesn’t get any simpler than this when your well-being is at stake!