As I try to unwind, I can’t help but feel happy within myself. Have I been asked to do research in another country, no. Have I invented something that will bring me an endless amount of income, no. Have I even become the doctor that my parents still pray that I will be, definitely not. Then why am I happy?  

Well I am proud to say that I finally understand that there’s more to life than getting what I think I should have, when I think I should have it. Psalm 63:5 tells us to be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods as we praise the Lord with singing lips. Psalm 37:4 says, “take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 139:16 says, “Your eyes saw my unformed body; and all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be”. But wait, if these scriptures are all true, then why are perfectly content people being condemned for not doing what society desires them to do? Why is being still and waiting on the Lord no longer a task good enough to win people’s approval?


Plans are made and paths created, yet someone quitting their job for the sake of going on a mission trip comes as an unwanted surprise to friends. Destinies are pr-ordained and visions are molded, yet not going to med school is a dreadful mistake? Do people really even believe in what has already been written? Are huge decisions that were blessed by God carelessly made? If not, than why aren’t people these days satisfied with what is? Why is dreaming outside of the status quo discouraged? 

Why are people put down for wanting to do something else as if this something else was never God’s plan to begin with? Do we write our paths or does God? But to accept that God’s will for us is not the one we planned for means being content with where we are now. But what is contentment and what does it look like? Is it being perfectly happy driving your Beamer to work instead of your Benz because the Benz was low on gas? Or is it being okay with the fact that you applied for fifty jobs last week but yet your still at a job that can’t possibly be adding to your overall vision? Or can it?

Well, both definitions are correct. Whether you’re in your ideal location or somewhere you never thought you would be, contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction. What the circumstance may be is not important, what your neighbor thinks is not important and what the media says is definitely not important. What matters is what God thinks since HE alone brings contentment. He alone is the defining factor that determines how one views their situation for even the rich have something to complain about. To store up your treasure in heaven is to look at your life and be satisfied in knowing that where you are now is where you need to be, despite the much or little that you may or may not have. Success is defined in different ways so another person’s meaning of it should never be imposed on you. If you’re happy where you currently are and you feel as if that’s where God has placed you then hey, who are they to speak other wise. Are they God? Were they there when He laid the foundations of the earth? Were they there when He separated the seas from land? Well if they weren’t, than why should their criticism or ridicule, get you down?

If you’re content with your current location in life, great, if you’re not, then find contentment in knowing that THIS PLACE IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE. Make His will your will and continue on the path that He has drawn out for you. Even if it feels as if things are falling apart, rest in knowing that things are just BARELY starting to fall into place. Learn the lessons that he seeks for you to know now. Our “unproductive” seasons though VERY PRODUCTIVE, are what I call God’s training camps. The times where he truly prepares you for what he has prepared for you. It’s these times where you are put in uncomfortable situations that will make you tomorrow’s inspirational speaker. It’s these scary encounters with doctors that will make you tomorrow’s passion filled physician. It’s these writing skills that you’re strengthening that will make you tomorrow’s highly respected author. Trust me, humble beginnings feel the best when they’re appreciated and learned from, they are given to us for the purpose of giving God the glory when He uses this opportunity to make something out of nothing. Don’t worry, just breath, smile and know that more is coming. If your vision is still a vision then you’re not done yet, just wait and see. 🙂