Shine Be Gone! – Beauty Tip #1


In Houston,  you never know how long the makeup look you took time to create will last. You could have it as perfect as humanly possible but as soon as you open the door to leave, the humidity makes it look as if you wore it into a sauna.😩

Thankfully after much trial and error, I have been able to make a routine that fights the humidity for a few hours. These three products are my go to for a humid Houston day!

Like a great work of art, it all starts with the foundation. This matte finish liquid  foundation from Black Radiance does a phenomenal job of drying out all the oils on my face. It works pretty fast so as soon as you put it on, SPREAD IT QUICKLY. Moving too slow can cause your face to have more pigmented areas than others.

Next I set it with my Neutral Set Colorless loose powder from Ben Nye for extra matteness and I finish the look off with my Matte Finish Spray from NYX Cosmetics. The spray usually calms the white tint that can appear if too much Neutral Set Powder is applied!

* Side note: I also sometimes use the Chestnut  Translucent Powder also from Ben Nye if I don’t feel like using the Neutral Set powder. If you’re interested in scooping any of these products, they all can be found online or at your local MUA store!