Drink Up!

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I never in life thought I would be writing this…

But drinking water is important for your over all well-being! For years my mom has ferociously tried to force me to drink water but all I wanted to drink was juice, soda and melted ice cream. I never really saw the importance of it until I became woke about certain ingredients in our foods and drinks.  After reading numerous posts and watching many disturbing videos, I’ve come to realize that water is the safest thing we as human beings can drink. Well, at least it was before the Flint incident… but we’ll leave that for another post.


Chilled  water is my personal favorite but I know a lot of people who prefer it at room temperature. If you’re one of the people who worry more about the taste of it rather than the temperature, you can spice it up with a number of different things. Yes one can use Crystal Light packs or some of the other brands to add flavor to their otherwise bland water, but I personally think that the natural way is better.  I’ve seen people use fruits or vegetables as natural flavorings but the most well-known way to add something extra to water is through the use of lemons. Some people actually use it for the tart flavor it gives the water over the health benefits.

Regardless of the it all though, I still don’t really look forward to drinking it when other options are available, however, water has really helped in my weight loss journey. Making the conscious decision to avoid juice and soda has definitely had a positive impact on my body.  I don’t get as bloated, irritable or sluggish as I used to and I can sleep better knowing that I’m helping to avoid the oh so rampant disease known as Diabetes. In fact, one’s ability to obtain certain cancers can also now be connected to their diet/lifestyle. But if you haven’t yet felt the urge to reach for a cup of water, hopefully some facts about the benefits of water will get you going.

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